Established in 2008, Paine Professional Corporation is a paralegal firm consisting of specialized staff dedicated to addressing Landlord and Tenant matters in a variety of ways. Under the leadership of Geoff Paine, who has been in the business since 1990, our skilled legal team and supporting staff assist with common legal issues faced by today's Landlord. Geoff Paine is a licensed Paralegal with the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Paine Professional Corporation's legal department specializes in dealing with the Landlord and Tenant Board and Sheriff's Department. Paine Professional Corporation's collection department utilizes the Small Claims Court for Claims and Garnishments as a way of collecting outstanding debt.

Paine Professional Corporation assists Landlords with collecting outstanding rent due from Tenants and settling other Landlord/Tenant matters. We start at the Landlord and Tenant Board and if need be, follow through with the Sheriff's Department, Small Claims Court and Garnishments.

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Toronto, ON M6A 1A2

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